This enterprise is the brainchild of Chuck Puckett. That's me. I hail from Decatur, Alabama, right on the intersection of the Tennessee River and U.S. 31. I was born there, but then I moved all around the (Deep) South while growing up: Montgomery, Chattanooga, Anniston, Gadsden (both in east Alabama), Decatur a couple more times, Vicksburg, Mississippi. I got out of high school in Cullman, Alabama, and then went to Tuscaloosa for five years or so of the University of Alabama (Roll Tide and all that, although I really miss The Bear). Amassed a huge number of collegiate hours in everything from anthropology to zoology, but waited until much later to finally get a degree.
All along, I've written songs and poems and whatever else came to mind. Like most people that came in on the first baby boom bus, I was greatly influenced by Bob Dylan. Later, my songwriting style took on a huge influx from Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter (especially influenced by Hunter's lyrical genius), and then Kris Kristofferson and Paul Simon. Poets, really. And although I've certainly been influenced, I think my choices for metaphors have remained fairly unique. There's a complete world view in here somewhere. Maybe I'm daring you to discover it. Or maybe I just enjoy the act of discovery.
About Chuck Puckett & Puckett Publishing
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I'm part of the eclectic string band known as Bimini Road. Occasionally, this bizarre group is allowed to play in public; you can check back from time to time to see where.

As the creator of Puckett Publishing, I've written the plays, musicals, songs and poetry you'll find here. In addition to writing, I've done quite a bit of theatre over the years, and it is one of my great loves. Favorite roles include:
• Arthur ("Camelot", three different productions)
• Henry II ("Lion In Winter")
• Macbeth ("Macbeth")
• The King ("The King & I")
• Scarecrow ("Wizard of Oz")
• Ali Hakim ("Oklahoma!")
• Matthew Harrison Brady ("Inherit the Wind")
• Captain Hook ("Peter Pan", the Mary Martin musical version)
• Sancho ("Man of La Mancha")
Obviously, I like playing king, and I love musicals: Heck, most of the plays I write are musicals. You know: songwriting + playwriting. Go figure. I hope you enjoy the works I've presented here.

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