I write lots of songs. Many of them are performed by Bimini Redux, a band I'm in. Some I perform solo.
Here's a set of songs, with videos or MP3's, some performed by Bimini Redux, some done as part of a project I put together in 2011 called Song-A-Week. Every week in 2011, we recorded and posted a video of one of my tunes.
Straight Downhill (Bimini Redux video)
Too Far To Catch Me (Bimini Redux video)
Never Tried (Bimini Redux video)
It's Worked Before (Bimini Redux video)
Next Time Around (Bimini Redux video)
Live In the Desert (Bimini Road video)
Kindness Of Strangers (solo video)
Blues Won't Get You (solo video)
Sink Or Swim (Bimini Road video)
Summersmoke (Bimini Road video)
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