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Fiddler On the Roof Auditions

Bank Street Players announces auditions for "Fiddler On the Roof", music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, book by Joseph Stein.

Based on "Tevye and his Daughters" and other tales by Sholem Aleichem, Fiddler On the Roof is the story of Tevye, the father of five daughters, and his attempts to maintain his Jewish religious and cultural traditions as outside influences encroach upon the family's lives. He must cope both with the strong-willed actions of his three older daughters, who wish to marry for love – each one's choice of a husband moves further away from the customs of his faith – and with the edict of the Tsar that evicts the Jews from their village.

Directed by Lauren Salerno. Presented July 20-22 at the Princess Theatre in Decatur.

Dates and Times:

  • Thursday, May 18 @ 5:00 pm. Ft. Decatur Rec Center, 610 4th Ave.
  • Saturday, May 20 @ 10:00 am. Ft. Decatur Rec Center
  • Saturday, May 21 @ 2:30 pm. Location TBA
  • If callbacks are needed, they will be Sunday evening, May 21
Cast Requirements:
MANY villagers of all ages.
Tevye, a poor milkman with five daughters. A firm supporter of the traditions of his faith, he finds many of his convictions tested by the actions of his three oldest daughters.
Golde, Tevye's sharp-tongued wife.
Tzeitel, their oldest daughter, about nineteen. She loves her childhood friend Motel and marries him, even though he's poor, begging her father not to force her to marry Lazar Wolf.
Hodel, their daughter, about seventeen. Intelligent and spirited, she falls in love with Perchik and later joins him in Siberia.
Chava, their daughter, about fifteen. A shy book lover, who falls in love with Fyedka.
Shprintze, their daughter, about twelve.
Bielke, their youngest daughter, about nine.
Motel Kamzoil, a poor but hardworking tailor who loves, and later marries, Tzeitel.
Perchik, a scholar and Bolshevik revolutionary who comes to Anatevka and falls in love with Hodel. He leaves for Kiev and is exiled to Siberia.
Fyedka, a young Christian man. He shares Chava's passion for reading and is outraged by the Russians' treatment of the Jews.
Lazar Wolf, the wealthy village butcher. Widower of Fruma-Sarah. Attempts to arrange a marriage for himself to Tzeitel.
Yente, the gossipy village matchmaker who matches Tzeitel and Lazar.
Fruma-Sarah, Lazar Wolf's dead wife, who rises from the grave in Tevye's "nightmare".
Grandma Tzeitel, Golde's dead grandmother, also featured in the "nightmare".
Mordcha, the innkeeper.
Rabbi, the wise village rabbi.
Constable, a Christian man; the head of the local Russian police.

Be Prepared: Cold readings from the script. Be prepared to sing a minute or so of your choice. Bring a Karaoke CD if you need it. Karaoke versions of some of the Fiddler songs will be provided. Those who audition will learn and execute a few small dance movements.

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