Who We Are

Here are the guys who make up Bimini Road.

Chuck Puckett

Chuck has been playing and writing for way too many years. He writes most of the original material for Bimini Road, as well as lots of other songs. In addition to be being a founding member of the band, he's an actor, playwright and musical composer. He plays guitar and sings lead vocals.

He's a very excitable boy.

Richard Eade

Richard is the other original member of Bimini Road. He and Chuck have been playing together for over a quarter century. Richard is the musical prodigy of Bimini Road, bringing a lifetime of musical education to bear on harmony and virtuoso. Not to mention his prowess at the mixing board. Richard plays guitar and sings.

Clark Williams

Clark knew Chuck & Richard several years before they knew he played drums. The three met while working together as software developers at the same company. Clark left, and years later, they got back together and discovered Clark was not just a brilliant programmer, but a terrific drummer. He's been playing with Bimini Road for 10 years now, drumming and singing.

Sujay Mylabathula

Sujay is the newest member of Bimini Road. He joined the group in 2014 and brings a monster bass to the ensemble, and an incredible musicality that became evident the first time we gave him the chords. He also worked for the same company as Chuck and Richard; computer programming seems to be a common theme. He has a great voice, but he's shy. Help us encourage him to find a microphone.