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Blues Won't Get You

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Jacob ain't a leaver, he's a believer
Waiting for another card
If he's right, gonna make it back tonight
Tells me it ain't all that hard

The blues won't get you, nothing upset you
If you let it all go by
Making amens, that's just a pretense
You can't go back 'cause you cannot cry

Mercy killings, some folks is willing
Ain't got regard for a life
If they wait, it may be too late
Don't take misery for a wife

Foolish laughter, ain't nothing after
He thought about just going home
He took the byways and he lost those highways
Cold wind carries him alone

Jacob is frightened
And he is so unenlightened
He was told somewhere
That there was a place to go
The deck is cold
And ol' devil will not show
What about those years on the road?

Too late for learning, ain't never turning
Give him all your best regards
Broken dreams and those shattered schemes
Nothing left to avoid

© 1990 Charles Puckett