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It's Worked Before

How many hopes will you knock flat?
How many dreams will you destroy?
What’s the use in growing up
If you leave behind the joy?
Where’s the end to stepping down?
These stairs don’t go no further
You best be taking this last chance
‘Cause you might not get another

Just because it’s worked before
Don’t mean it will again
Just because there’s something more
Don’t mean it’s yours to spend
Just because you’ve got a little left inside your tank
Don’t count on laughing all the way to the bank

How many things can you believe
That contradict each other?
Home many times will you decide
You just can’t help your brother?
When nothing’s left to throw away
How will you play the drama?
Did you think you’d always find
A way home to your mama?

Who’s the boss and who’s the slave
When you bend to every fashion?
If there’s no cause you’d give your life
Then nothing’s worth your passion
Tomorrow might be all you need
To fix what you have broken
But today is all you’re guaranteed
To speak what must be spoken

© 2011 Chuck Puckett