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Kindness Of Strangers

He walks up to the house with a bit of trepidation
He heard about this woman at the local hotel
But he is still a salesman and she is just a prospect
He can handle her easily if he does his job well
She meets him at the door, she says, "Make yourself comfortable."
They drink a glass of tea and he shows her his wares
He doesn't seem to notice when she bites her lip in anguish
And when she starts to speak, it's as though he's not there

"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers
I have never quite recovered from the loss of my youth
I'm not completely certain on the element of danger
But I'm quite certain, mister, I can depend on you."

She sits in a chair and poses a question
Just like in a classroom, she raises her hand
What is his opinion when a woman never marries?
Of a woman who has never give herself to a man?
He gets a little flushed when she steps a little closer
And quiets his embarassed attempt at an apology
What should he do? He starts edging towards the front door
She stops him with a phrase, stops him so easily

He looks like a lion in a cage at the circus
Who's caught in an act that he just can't understand
What would he do if he were the strong one?
He'd have his coat on his arm, frankly not giving a damn
The moment passes by like an empty whiskey bottle
That's poured out its very last glass of misery
She walks out to the porch expecting him to follow
She flirts with her voice, dredging up her memories

He slips out the back, leaves her sitting on the front porch
Talking to herself in a quiet little voice
What could he have done? It's beyond his comprehension
That faraway look in her eyes left him very little choice
She hums a little tune, draws her shawl all around her
Rocks in the swing and gazes out into the black
She heard the door of course but it really didn't matter
He was a certainly a gentleman and gentlemen always come back

© 2011 Chuck Puckett