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Never Tried

You might be insane, or you might be a genius
It’s a thin line that separates the two
Like Galileo said at the Leaning Tower of Pisa
“Who’s the heavy here, is it me or you?”
You might bear a grudge, or seeking your salvation
In this wicked world sometimes it's hard to tell
Just like Ahab said when he started his narration
How many harpoons will it take to kill this whale?

Does it matter who was right?
Does the judgment ever come?
Chalk it up to taking sides
Maybe should’ve left well enough alone
There’s no sense in leaving home
‘Cause it’s a long hard ride
Doesn’t matter what you’ve done
Mama always said you never tried

You might carry typhoid or you might be sterilized
It depends on what disease you left behind
Just like Genghis Khan who kept ‘em mesmerized
You can kill or you can heal with what’s in your mind
You might be in love with all the latest fashion
Or love might be the place you pin the hardest blame
Just like Shylock said when he went to turn his cash in
“My daughters and my ducats are worth about the same”

You might understand, or maybe it’s a mys’try
Seeing is believing if your heart can see
It’s just like science fiction but you claim that it’s all his’try
A history of a world that never came to be
You might cast a doubt or you might cast a shadow
Walking out at noon just to see the sun
Just like the Egyptians chasing Moses through the meadow
You want that bush to burn just to prove that it’s the one

© 2011 Chuck Puckett