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Next Time Around

Well, I stood around watching
Just as long as I could
There was no need in bitching
And even if there was any reason at all
Nobody would
Might as well have been a hanging
Tie a rope to the tree
If I had been a stranger
I'd have been a lot happier then
Than a man like me

Next time around I may have to be cruel
Well, then I will
But I swear, by God that I won't be fooled
No, I won't

Who'd thought they could do it?
They were too well hid
I'd a said, "Just screw it"
Probably let it go anywhere at all
And be glad I did
But the thing was finished
And it stood up proud
All shiny and polished
And the marketeers with their megaphones
Shouted out real loud

Do you just get a single
When you hang your shingle
And announce you're here, with your stuff all set
Ready to be free?
If you bend over double
Working overtime
Shouldna taken the trouble
Sweating that sweat, eating that crap
Till you're past your prime

Hope there's déjà vu
Up around the bend
And if it's all true
That it rolls around on another track
To me again
Then I'm gonna be reckless
And I'm gonna be hot
'Cause life is thankless,
Cruel and hard, short and sweet
When a man is not

© 2000 Chuck Puckett