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Sink Or Swim

There’s a man by the western gate
Trying hard to stir up some trouble
Saying all of this has been foretold
But it’s been hidden in the rubble
When I hear, “It’s been foretold”
I always get suspicious
Of those who like their prophecies
Served up easy and delicious
I lay down upon some rocks
As I pondered about the matter
I don’t sleep too well when I’m stoned
And I dreamed about a ladder
I climbed way up but then fell down
And I sank without a ripple
I wrestled with this thought a while
‘Til it turned me into a cripple

Out here past the guard
You know that life is hard
I do what I can but things look grim
He’s got a sword in his hand
No one gets in the Promised Land
Out here the chance is slim
Out here the only choice is sink or swim

I went walking in the country
When I heard some churchyard choir
I tried going back the way I came
But they had me in a cross fire
They were praising God and Jesus
All the rest got eternal damnation
I could not remember what side I was on
It was an embarrassing situation
These are hard tales to tell
What’s the moral of the story?
If I thought I understood
Then I wouldn’t have to worry
But the scenes keep changing fast
And the curtain starts descending
I never figured out the plot
Or got a chance to see the ending

There’s a map somewhere I know
That will tell me where I’m going
I been looking for it all my life
But the hard part is the knowing
Knowing that this mystery
Has a logical solution
Knowing, but never finding clues
That’s the source of my confusion
I finally woke up from my dream
Just in time to see an angel
Walking away all dressed in rags
They were sparkly and star-spangled
I called out, hoping she’d turn back
With a rational explanation
She turned around, but her eyes were blank
And she had lost my fascination

Might as well just cash my chips
These are lousy cards I’m holding
I always stay with sinking ships
If I were smart, I’d be folding
Out here, where life is hard
All you do is take your chances
He’s a fool who tries to swim the tide
And believe in cheap romances

© 2010 Chuck Puckett