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Straight Downhill

You can write a bad suggestion on a $20 bill
My brother might not do it, but Lord you know I will
It’s not that I am desperate, but times are kinda lean
The wolf is at the door and my friends are turning mean

These are times that try my soul
And though I may be on a roll
There’s no guarantee a man might not get killed
This may come as a surprise
But there’s no prize for being wise
Sometimes the way to go is straight downhill

Running like a freight train on a grade of ten degrees
I’m tired of seeing things nobody else can see
I’m scared of living faster than the laws of man allow
Yes, I’m burning for a chance that I won’t take anyhow

We make no distinction between
What’s beautiful and what’s obscene
On the brink of mass extinction there’s just not much left to say
About our failure to recall
Which one of us started it all
So we wait around til someone shows us a better way
And we hope that we can hold out until that coming day

In the end we hear the trumpets playing music to the stars
It’s a song we’ve heard before, we could all hum a few bars
We could harmonize so easy, but nobody knows the words
So the world just keeps on spinning, so dizzy and absurd

© 2011 Chuck Puckett