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For information about Theatre Happenings or Music & Dance Happenings, email:

You can submit a production, audition or other event by clicking the appropriate link:

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There have been a couple instances recently of groups submitting an event, but then I never receive it. The form seems to go through okay, but the email never makes it to my inbox. And then the event never gets posted.

It is my sense this is a rare occurence, and that most submissions get through just fine. But even one failure is one too many. So I want to alert anyone who has submitted, but then never seen their event posted, to use an alternative mechanism. Email me, and I will send you a submission format. You can then use this format to supply all the necessary information about your production, audition or music/dance event.

NOTE: Until further notice, when I receive a submission, I will reply shortly via separate email (NOT the confirmation page that you see when you click Submit) and give you active notice that I have received the form. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A SEPARATE NOTIFICATION EMAIL FROM ME IN A REASONABLE TIME, CONTACT ME DIRECTLY AT THE EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW.

Using the submission form is preferred, but more important is a mechanism that ensures the event gets properly posted. So if you are a someone who has submitted in the past, but never seen the event posted, send me an email at:

Make the subject Submission Format, and I'll send you what you need.  To avoid a lot of duplication and potential confusion, only use this route if you've experienced failures in the past. If you're worried that something might be overlooked, you can send me an email to the above address after you submit the form, and I'll let you know whether I received it ok.

Submission Guidelines

This is probably a good place to remind you when submissions should be made.


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