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Out Loud HSV

Open Mic Featuring Jahman Hill


Date and Times:

All performances at Pizzelle's Confections RR4 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, 2211 Seminole Drive in Huntsville.

Synopsis: Out Loud HSV monthly open mic and features create a space for literary arts and spoken word to grow! Join us in Pizzelle’s Confections, studio RR4 at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment, for this event. Come early to sign up for the open mic, where you will have 5 minutes to share a creative writing piece. Then we will have a 30 minute feature with Jahman Hill! Jahman Ariel Hill is a poet, activist, student, teacher, and coach. For real. He’s at the University of Alabama getting two Master’s degrees (Communication Studies and Women’s Studies) and teaching public speaking at the University. He’s a coach for the University’s speech and debate team, the Alabama Forensic Council. He did his undergrad at Bama, where his focus was Middle East Relations. He’s worked with the student activist group #WeAreDone while at Bama. Oh, and as for poetry, in the last year he’s become a member of the BamaSlam slam poetry team, the Strawberries and Gunpowder collective, helped revamp his college collective, the BDC, placed 2nd at both the LEAF and Southern Fried Poetry festivals, and published his first book, Made from my Mother’s Ceilings, with 310 Brown Street. He also loves bacon.

Tickets: Free, accepts donations

Other info: Out Loud is dedicated to fostering new voices and encouraging participation, so even if you have never been to an open mic before, please come on down and hear some new interesting voices and share! All donations will go directly to the Flying Monkey Theatre for use of the venue.

Contact: or or 256-533-0399

Added 9/18

Ars Nova

Die Fledermaus

By Johann Strauss II.

Date and Times:

All performances at VBC Playhouse at Clinton Avenue in Huntsville/AL.

Synopsis: Ars Nova presents Johann Strauss' (The Younger) delightful operetta, Die Fledermaus. The light-hearted story of a practical joke that gets out of hand is set to high-spirited music, with numerous waltz and polka themes for which Strauss is most famous. The wonderful voices of Ars Nova will bring to life a cast of characters, most of whom, for a variety of reasons, attend a lavish party in disguise! After many mistaken identities and lots of champagne, the joke is revealed, all is forgiven and the operetta ends with more champagne and revelry.

Director: Susan Kelly with Musical Direction by Meribeth Taylor Lapidus and Conductor Joseph Lee

Tickets: Adults $25-$30; Students/Seniors $20-$25

Other info: Friday evening and Saturday matinee:
Emma Jensen Britton as Rosalinde, Anna Lee as Adele, James Mandras as Eisenstein, Charles Dove as Falke, Tiia Vesalainen as Orlofsky, Michael Whitley as Frank, Justin Register as Dr. Blind, Craig Reinhart as Frogg, Christopher Cole as Alfred.
Saturday evening and Sunday matinee:
Gloria Ko as Rosalinde, Ariana Maloney as Adele, Ron Roberts as Eisenstein, Charles Dove as Falke, Angela Allison as Orlofsky, Michael Whitley as Frank, Justin Register as Dr. Blind, Craig Reinhart as Frogg, Kenneth Frazier as Alfred.

Contact: or 256-883-1105

Added 9/11



Epic Comedy

Epic Comedy Hour


Date and Times:

All performances at Flying Monkey Arts Theatre at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment 2211 Seminole Dr., SW in Huntsville, AL.

Synopsis: The fourth Friday each month we hosr Epic Comedy Hour at 8:00 PM in the Flying Monkey Arts theatre, located on second floor south. Guest comedians are Sahima Godkhindi, Trey Brown, Luke Mones, Miguel Angel Osornio, Wayne Cousins, Mo Alexander, Nick Pupo, and Albert Kirchner, hosted by Tim Kelly.

Tickets: $8

Contact: or 256-533-0399

Added 9/18

Calhoun College Theatre


By Alan Ayckbourn.


Date and Times:

All performances at Second Avenue Theatre at Alabama Center for the Arts in Decatur, Alabama

Synopsis: An homage to classic comedians, a satire on the corporate takeover of television, and a charming romantic comedy, Comic Potential takes place in the future, “when everything has changed except human nature.” The story begins in a television studio, where human actors have been replaced by androids, or “actoids,” controlled by programmers. However, one of the actoids develops a fault in her programming which allows her to laugh, talk, and think on her own – and even feel human emotion. She soon displays ability and imagination – comic potential – that no one else has, human or actoid. When a young writer and an aging director team up to star her in a television series, all sorts of hilarious and painful situations arise - including love. Please join us in the Second Avenue Theatre in the Alabama Center for the Arts in downtown Decatur for this delightful comedy.

Director: Bill Provin.

Tickets: $12 general admission/$8 students and seniors. For tickets and information, please visit or call 256-306-2693.

Other info: Cast: Jacie Triplethree................ERIN BARROW
Adam Trainsmith................TIM ERNST
Lester Trainsmith................JAKE BARROW
Chandler Tate.....................PATRICK GREEN
Carla Pepperbloom.............ANGELA GREEN
Prim Spring.........................JULIA DAVENPORT
Trudi Floote..........................KAILEY BLANKENSHIP
Marmion...............................JOHNATHAN LITTLE
Actoids..................................CHELSEA BAKER

Contact: or 256-306-2693

Added 9/11


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