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Chuck Puckett's Song a Week Project

Last updated 4 January, 2012.

The Last 2011 Video: Let Everybody Know

This week's tune (#52, the last in the series) is "Let Everybody Know". This is the last song of the 2011 project, though I know we'll be adding more next year. Just not every week :) Thanks for hanging with me on this endeavor. It's been a little spotty, but the songs are the songs, and I make no excuses for their inception nor their execution. Perfection was not my goal. It's simply a thing I am compelled to do, and I hope some of you have enjoyed at least some of them, for whatever reasons they may have struck you. I especially want to thank Clark Williams and Jason Morgan for their year-long dedication to the project, as well as my daughter Ruthie for her incomparable vocals, and good buddy Shelley Heard for the songs he's contributed mandolin. Also Richard Eade for his technical advice as well as his guitar on a couple of the early SAW videos, and Jim Chaloupka for running sound on several of the sessions. It's been a rewarding experience, and a lesson in discipline, to make these weekly videos. As this last song says, I wanted to "Let Everybody Know" this music existed. And to all my good friends, I really would like to take everybody home. And no, never leave you alone. Best of luck to you all, and thanks for listening.

SAW Quick List

Here's a quick list of links to all the SAW videos. You can find more detailed info here.

NOTE: My personal favorites are highlited in bright yellow, my favorite color.

Title Date Notes
Don't Take My Caroline Away 2 Jan 2011> Boy loses girl. Boy shoots people. Classic love story. Live recording at Berkeley Bob's.
Mister Milk 9 Jan 2011 Afraid to face the world, and mad because of it.
Silver Dollar 16 Jan 2011 Existential blue collar work song. Work. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.
Prodigal Son 23 Jan 2011 Yes, that prodigal son. Live recording at Berkeley Bob's.
Make a Little Fuss on Me 30 Jan 2011 A simple little ditty, a dance tune, I guess.
Ancient Sunlight 6 Feb 2011 A folk song warning about the oil running out. Which it is.
Sink or Swim 12 Feb 2011 Blues tune loosely based on the story of Jacob's ladder. But not really.
Blues Won't Get You 20 Feb 2011 An old blues of mine. I've always been drawn to this song.
Fountain of Youth 27 Feb 2011 In the memories of old friends we haven't seen for a long time, we stay forever young.
Got My Mojo Working 6 Mar 2011 Yes, another song about the mojo. Hey. It's fun to play this stuff.
Next Time Around 13 Mar 2011 It's become a Bimini Road standard. Existential professional at work.
King Blue & Pearly 20 Mar 2011 A long folk song that follows these two characters getting back together.
Straight Downhill 27 Mar 2011 It's became a Bimini Road standard last year. A great little anthem about dealing with what comes and goes.
Marie's Last Line 3 Apr 2011 A girl who mesmerizes everybody. Nice one chord blues in E.
Autumn Hurricane 10 Apr 2011 This song has grown on me. The God question, which is a hard one.
Heaven's Song 17 Apr 2011 A favorite theme: attraction contends with miscommunication.
Heraclitan Boogie 23 Apr 2011 You rarely hear a boogie blues about a pre-Socratic philosopher.
Saved Again 29 Apr 2011 From the musical Space Rangers and the Viper Menace. Really.
Ol' MacNeal 8 May 2011 Another Bimini Road tune. Mike MacNeal was a truly unique individual.
Never Tried 11 May 2011 Folky song with hisorical and literary allusions, and a heavy rock interlude.
Last Picture Song 20 May 2011 This one has a very interesting chord structure and apocalyptic imagery.
Have Your Love 27 May 2011 This guy never had a chnce with this girl. But he never knew that.
Too Far To Catch Me 11 Jun 2011 Outrunning those who try to pin me down. Great instrumental break. Live recording at Berkeley Bob's.
Purely States the Blues 19 Jun 2011 When the wind blows against you, reach down and keep going.
Hopefully Paranoia 25 Jun 2011 An audience member once told me this was the best depiction of mental illness she'd ever heard in a song. I did not ask how she judged that.
Old Khayyam 1 Jul 2011 Based on 3 quatrains from The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
Goodbye, Wyoming 10 Jul 2011 A hitch-hiking song. Lot of people really like this tune.
Do What You Gotta Do 17 Jul 2011 A cheating song with a definite twist. Great mandolin riff.
Kindness of Strangers 24 Jul 2011 Inspired by the famous Tennessee William's line. And by Blanche.
Train o'Time 5 Aug 2011 Written from something said by a Deadhead in the L&N Cafe in B'ham.
Peace Of Mind 11 Aug 2011 A lullaby, meant to ease the worried soul.
Forty Two 21 Aug 2011 Inspired by The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. What is 9 x 6?
Pouring Rain 27 Aug 2011 He hurts her, she hurts him and it's raining. And Ruthie nails the vocal.
Triana 27 Aug 2011 It's a bar on the Tennessee River. Where people end up late at night.
Going Out To Ely 3 Sep 2011 Another hitch-hiking song. Ely, Nevada. Back in the day, we all did the Far West hitch-hike Grand Tour. And gathered our stories.
Find My Next Regret 10 Sep 2011 Country song, co-wrote with Shelley Heard. Looking for women.
Almost Knocking 23 Sep 2011 A kind of spooky song. Title comes from the tune somehow reminding me of The Stones' "Can't You Hear Me Knocking".
Maybe All You Need 25 Sep 2011 Sort of rockabilly. A backbeat is all you need.
Seven Blue Horses 1 Oct 2011 A political blues. Title (originally "I See Seven Blue Horses") comes from the oddly placed C7 chord.
Gimme That Sundown 10 Oct 2011 A sittiing on the porch blues song. You know what I mean.
Valari 14 Oct 2011 Inspired by legends JRR Tollien wrote in Silmarillon. Seven is important.
Jasmine in July 22 Oct 2011 Jasmine is Carol's favorite scent. Wallace Stevens influenced this.
Raving 30 Oct 2011 A song in defiance of authority and in jest of those who succumb.
Pathegoric Solitue 6 Nov 2011 An odd title. About miscommunicated love (again). I love to play this.
It's Worked Before 13 Nov 2011 The man who crushes his own dreams and lives off the past.
Summersmoke 17 Nov 2011 Another Bimini Road standard. And another song about imperfect communication.
Occupation 17 Nov 2011 Not a SAW song, I was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement.
All In the Blood 24 Nov 2011 A rock and roller, complete with Shakespearean references.
Changes 29 Nov 2011 Folk song about a wizard wannabe. "Changes" refer to the I Ching.
Making Up Time 3 Dec 2011 You can change your life and the world by what you think. I believe that.
Live In the Desert 9 Dec 2011 A bluesy gospel song that touches all 3 "Religions of the Book."
When the Snow Lies 18 Dec 2011 A Christmas Carol. I love Christmas carols.
Let Everybody Know 25 Dec 2011 A little dance tune that sings about "way back when".

Background Info

Hi! My name is Chuck Puckett, and I've been inspired! Inspiration is always dangerous, but there you go: you have to live with it. What's the nature of the inspiration? Starting on January 1, 2011, I've embarked on a project to post one original song to YouTube each week. How long? Until the twelfth of never or the well runs dry or the cows come home or the creek don't rise. This idea of pumping out creativity on schedule may seem counter to the Muse, but the opposite is true: deadlines can help to light the illusive fuse.

The songs will cover a pretty wide range of styles, because that's how I work. I write folk songs, blues, ballads, show tunes, reggae, rock: whatever shows up in the receiving station of the mind, sent from the Great Beyond. And nothing exists in a vacuum. We all have influences. Mine include Dylan, Garcia/Hunter, Paul Simon, Lerner/Loewe and a host of others. 99% of all art is synthesis, I think. Far less than 1% arises from the void.

Please check back each week to see (and hear) the latest tune. If you'd like to receive an email notification when the latest video is posted, you can sign up here. Or send me an email, and I'll sign you up.

These videos have been recorded in various venues and with varying personnel. Many are just me playing my guitar in my study. Some are me in conjunction with friends, in the living room or wherever we found convenient.

Many of these tunes are songs I've had with me for some time, many years in some cases. Many are brand new, written as part of this project. You can check out all the efforts to date by clicking Past Videos. If you have any comments, criticisms, or questions, please contact me at: